Monthly Archives: January 2015

Once Upon a Time at Al-Huda High School

Bismillah. We start in the name of Allah, Who created the Pen before He created Us, Who began speaking to us by telling us to “read”, and Who gave us knowledge “by the Pen.”

Today we had the first meeting of the Al-Huda High School Creative Writer’s Club.

Over a dozen student writers showed up and participated in lively discussions about characters they might make (should they put their own qualities and traits into their fictional characters?) and creative writing they like (mystery with vivid descriptions, suspense-filled writing, and humor).

The word of the day was: RESPECT.

Writing creatively tends to bring down personal barriers. Our club members might finds themselves writing about deeply personal challenges they are facing. We agreed that our club is a safe space to write and discuss, and that mutual respect and kindness is the culture we’ll foster because — as our Prophet Sallallahu ‘alyhi was sallam said — a Muslim is the brother of a Muslim, and he never, ever looks down on him. That’s the definition of respect. We’ll carry it with us on all our journeys together — through sun-speckled wooded paths, unlit back alleys in urban war zones, and the most marvelous journeys we’ll takeĀ  — into our minds and hearts. In Shaa Allah!