Monthly Archives: March 2015

Thawing Out Our Pens

Last Thursday (March 26) we had our first club meeting after several missed sessions due to snow closures, schedule conflicts, and my shoulder surgery.  Alhumdulillah, we had four members show up, the only four members who’ve submitted short stories so far. It was a very productive session. Since these four members had experienced the struggle of combining character, plot, setting, and dialogue to craft a convincing, enjoyable and dramatic short story, we went straight into brainstorming a scene.

I told the club members present to imagine a scene with two snipers on opposite roof tops with only the street between them. The two snipers are targeting each other. Can they see each other? Is it night or day? What are they seeing? What are they feeling? We — myself included — had 10 minutes to brainstorm a scene.

Some of us wrote full sentences, others jotted down ideas and phrases. Some of us used first person, others used third person. For some of us it was night, for others it was day. One writer had one sniper being a veteran police officer and the other sniper a super villain. There was salty sweat trailing down a sniper’s face. One writer thought of the entire scene in slow motion. As the bullet approached one sniper, thoughts of how he lived his life took shape on the page. Wow ! Our creative writing club members have a deep imagination from which to pull amazing scenes and craft great stories, ma Shaa Allah.

We closed the session reading and commenting on Liam O’Flaherty’s short story titled “The Sniper.” ;) Enjoy, you can read it on the “Stories Etc” page available in the menu.