It’s All About Character

At our last club meeting (Thursday, 2/12), we spent some time discussing the Chapel Hill murders. Three American Muslims just a few years older than our club members were shot and killed in what many Muslims believe was a hate crime. We did a writing prompt where members were asked to imagine their own janazas. Who would come? How many people? Where would it be? Understandably, only a few members elected to share their writing. Thinking sincerely about one’s own death is intensely personal.

We also talked about writing characters in our story and the many factors that might affect how a character thinks and acts in our stories. Where a character was born and raised, their parents, the socio-political climate in which they live, and many other factors affect how a character becomes “interesting” in our stories. If our characters are not interesting, then why would a reader spend time following them for 20, 50, or 100 pages of your story?

We also announced our first short story (less than 5,000 words) contest. It will be a strictly internal affair, so only club members get to read these stories. Until next time, the trashcan awaits !

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