About the Al-Huda High School Creative Writing Club

An Overview of the Al-Huda School Creative Writing Club

Alhumdulillah, we are pleased to announce the start of a new after school club for Al-Huda High School – the Al-Huda School Creative Writing Club. This is a club for boys who enjoy putting their imaginations to work through creative writing. There are no assignments, no homework, and no grades in this club. Students write what interests them and share it with their fellow creative writers.

The purpose of the Al-Huda Creative Writing Club is to:

  • Provide a setting for high school boys to share their creative writing with fellow students, learn from their fellow classmates and the club mentor, and be encouraged and inspired to write creatively and to write often
  • Provide a safe space for high school writers where they will learn to accept writerly criticism with an open mind, and learn to offer writerly criticism in a positive, constructive manner
  • Publish creative writing such as short stories, novels, creative essays, and literary nonfiction in-print and online
  • Submit creative writing to local, national, and international writing competitions

What We Will Do During Creative Writing Club Meetings:

  • Write! We will spend at least some portion of the meeting time doing free writing, responding to writing prompts, or working on our own creative writing projects.
  • Read! We will read creative writing from both well-known and lesser-known authors and also writing from fellow club members. We will discuss what we liked, how the writing might be improved, and how we can use some of these writing techniques in our own creative writing.

What the Creative Writing Club is NOT:

  • A club for learning how to write. No doubt students will see an improvement in their writing, but grammar, sentence mechanics, and vocabulary are not the focus of the club.
  • A club for remedial writing instruction. Students who are weak in writing are welcome to join the club as long as they have an interest in creative writing.

Meetings will be held every Thursday from 3:30pm to 5pm. The club is open to Al-Huda High School boys and high school age boys in Al-Huda’s Hifz School. The club mentor is Brother Minhaj Hasan, editor of the Muslim Link newspaper, and a Masters in Writing candidate at Johns Hopkins University.

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